Welcome to Lead & Ramble

At Lead & Ramble, we pride ourselves on providing a personalised and professional dog walking service in Epsom and surrounding areas.

As a devoted dog mum myself, I understand how hard it can be finding the right person to care for your pups. That’s why Lead & Ramble isn’t just another dog service – it’s my answer to the quest for the perfect dog haven.

Drawing from my own experiences and desires as a dog owner, I’ve crafted Lead & Ramble to be a breed apart.

How are we different?

  • Tracked GPS walks for your peace of mind
  • Small groups capped at four dogs per handler for that extra personal touch, absolutely NO pack walking!
  • Daily social media updates. Now you can truly follow your pup’s daily adventures! Because at Lead & Ramble, we believe your dog deserves nothing short of paw-some care. 🌟🐾


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the group sizes for the walks?

We keep our group walks limited to a maximum of 4 dogs per handler to ensure individual attention and safety.

Are you insured?

Yes! All of our walkers have insurance which you are welcome to have a copy of upon request. 

Are you trained in pet first aid?

Yes! All of our walkers are pet first aid trained. And you are welcome to have a copy upon request. 

What training methods do you use?

Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement and tailored to each dog's unique needs and behavior. We all have treats on hand to reinforce recall and great behaviour. 

How do you provide updates on the walks?

We provide personalised updates through WhatsApp and Instagram, photos and videos delivered directly to you.

Are there any breed or size restrictions?

Absolutely not! At L&R we do not breed discriminate. Dogs will be matched on size and play style as much as possible. We do not accept any aggressive dogs onto group walks, but all breeds are welcomed. Any dogs on the Dangerous Dogs List, due to laws and insurance cover, are to be walked on a solo basis. 

Can I meet you before scheduled walks?

We offer a free meet and greet service so we're a friendly face to you and your pup before any scheduled walks. 

Do I need to be home when you collect/drop off my dog?

Nope. Most clients will give us a key, which will not have any reference to your address and will always be held securely. 

Will my dog be cleaned before returning home?

Unfortunately we are not qualified groomers. We always have towels on hand and will wipe down muddy paws the best we can. But if the weather is particularly bad, do not expect your dog to return the way it left. We recommend having us leave your dog in a suitable area when you're not home on those particularly mucky days! 

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