Group Walks

Explore the great outdoors with our group dog walking service, where every step is an adventure for your furry friends. Our walks are not just strolls – they’re GPS-tracked journeys that guarantee safety and provide you with peace of mind.

Immerse yourself in the daily escapades of your pets through videos and captivating photos on our Instagram stories which are updated daily. Witness their joy, curiosity, and the bond they share with our experienced handlers as they explore the world around them.

With a maximum of 4 dogs per handler, we prioritise safety and enjoyment ensuring a personalised experience for each pup. We introduce new dogs with precision and care taking into account factors like age, skill level, and play preferences to ensure the happiness and comfort of every paw.

Our midweek routine includes two group walks, one in the morning and another covering lunchtime. These one-hour adventures, excluding travel time, serve as the perfect break for your pup, offering both physical exercise and valuable socialisation.


Solo Walks


Embark on tailored adventures with our solo dog walking service, designed for those who crave individual attention. Whether your dog prefers a brisk 30-minute stroll or an extended 1-hour exploration, our skilled handlers focus solely on their needs catering to unique preferences and pace. Allowing your dog to explore the world at their own rhythm.  

Each solo walk is a personalised journey to suit your dogs needs and GPS-tracked for your peace of mind. Stay connected with your pet’s escapades through video updates and captivating photos on our Instagram stories which are uploaded daily.


£15 - 30 minute 

£25 - 1 hour 


Offering tailored care for your dogs and puppies who can't yet explore the great outdoors, or those older companions in need of company and a toilet break, our 30-minute pop-in house visits are the perfect solution.

These visits, provide a quick and comforting check-in for your furry family members. We offer personalised attention within the familiar confines of your home, ensuring your pets feel secure and loved.

Pop-ins encompass various services, from a much needed toilet break to engaging playtime, constructive training sessions and feeding routines.  

Trust us to cater to the specific needs of your dogs, whether they're too young for outdoor adventures or require a bit of extra care in their golden years. 




Whether you're out for an evening or enjoying a longer holiday, our house sitting services provide a haven of comfort for your pets. From 1-hour visits to 24-hour or ever longer sleepovers, we ensure your furry family members feel secure and loved in the familiarity of their own home.

Daily walks are seamlessly integrated into their routine, offering physical exercise and mental stimulation. While you're away, stay connected with your pet's happiness through daily updates. Whether it's a playful moment or a tranquil evening, these updates bring you peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy your time away.

Our house sitting services offer tailored care for every need. Trust us to make your absence stress-free and joyful for your pets, ensuring they're content and cared for, no matter the duration of your time away.


 £15 1 hour 

£10 per hour thereafter

£45 half day

£60 24 hours  

Extra charges for all services required on a weekend and bank holidays.