About Me

Summer (Owner)

Hey I'm Summer, the proud Owner behind Lead & Ramble. Dogs have been my partners in crime since day one, starting with my first pup, a feisty Shar-Pei who taught me more than a few life lessons and sparked my love for training!

After 13 incredible years together, she left a paw-shaped hole in my heart. Now, I share my days with Mimi, a spirited 9-year-old rescue Blue Staffy, and her mischievous great-niece, Chilli, who's just 6 months old. You’ll catch Chilli all over my socials as she’s out everyday with me at work. Mimi is going into her senior years now so much prefers the rest at home.

My passion for dogs led me to discover my true calling. I've got a Level 2 Animal Management qualification and a diploma in Canine Behavior Training and I’m always looking to gain more knowledge and learn and grow.

As a devoted dog mum myself, I understand the struggle it can be finding someone you trust to look after your pups. That’s why I designed Lead & Ramble to stand alone from the rest.

Every day, I'm over the moon to call this my job. They say find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. Well, that's my reality!